3X ROI Using LinkedIn InMail

Client Y | Winter 2019

Project Overview

After an unsuccessful year of desired growth, Client Y hired Waylan Consulting Group to better bring awareness of their software designed for financial firms. Utilizing LinkedIn InMail to generate leads, Client Y found themselves in a place they haden’t before; unable to take on more calls to sell their product.


The LinkedIn InMail campaign was designed for a level of transparency that doesn’t exist with ads, and allowed for more in-depth conversations earlier on in the client process, which lead to a larger and faster ROI.

The Client

Client Y is a west coast-based B2B SaaS company that works with financial firms. Founded by former accountants, their software is designed to streamline invoicing and financial needs, improving upon QuickBooks through a modern and easy-to-manage UX design with high levels of functionality.


The 40-employee company was founded 11 years ago and continues to work primarily with small and medium-sized clientele.


  • Across six months, 92 leads were given to Client Y’s sales team with a 72% closing success rate. This represents a 400% increase in the lead:close ratio


  • 1259 initial connection request InMail messages were sent using an employee’s LinkedIn account


  • Client Y 3x’d their ROI over the course of six months using Waylan Consulting Group


  • Client Y’s overall gross revenue increased by 29%

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