Limitless Pixels

Micro Marching League

Project Overview

I was hired in December 2015 by Micro Marching League to manage social media and corporate branding. After low membership, I was tasked with increasing social media engagement with hopes it may increase membership, as well. In order to do this, I created the #MadeOnMML campaign which pushed the creative limits of the site and showcased work that inspired others to create themselves.

The Client

Founded in 2007, Micro Marching League (MML) lets marching fans design their own shows and share them online. Since it’s beginning, over 10,000 members from all over the world have created more than 100,000 shows.


It's a great place to try new ideas, collaborate, and generally share a passion for the marching arts.


  • An increase in organic impressions by 8,000%.


  • Twelve (12) posts obtaining more than 10,000 impressions organic impressions.


  • An 11.4% increase in membership.


  • A fresh Instagram page which reached 1,500 followers within two (2) weeks.


  • A rebrand on Twitter that increased 800 new followers within three (3) weeks.


  • A rebrand on Facebook that increased 3,000 new likes within two (2) weeks.

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