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The idea behind FRED (Food Ready, Endless Destinations) is to create an app which allow cities to have a centralized database of all the food trucks in the area. Users could visit the app, create profiles and either sort out the food they’re interested in, but they could also keep track of trucks they have and have not visited.


Then, friends could recommend trucks to other friends on the app. The app would have the menus of the food trucks as well as their hours of operation and if they do travel, lists any additional locations. Fred reached out to me based on a referral from another past client of mine in their area and I was brought on as a consultant to ensure their UX process moved smoothly.


This was a ground-up UX process involving initial research,  analysis, brainstorming, prototyping and testing. Since the goal of FRED was not to make fans of nonfood truck eaters, rather better enhance the experience of already food truck regulars, the majority of our UX was spent in the research phase, interviewing food truck festival visitors and understanding their needs while simultaneously solving problems they didn't know they had.

Due to the small size of the company, all departments worked together in many different areas. As a result, the product became a labor of love, for which we succeeded by the time for our month-long testing phase where we gathered information on users such as how often they used the app, which features they used most often, which they used least often and suggestions thought of during this stage.

By the completion of my time with FRED, the app was up and running with strong signs of success.

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