The All Faiths Vaccination Campaign (AFVC), was a partnership of nearly 50 entities and organizations from diverse faith traditions, health care institutions as well as government and civic leaders who sought to achieve vaccination equity in underserved neighborhoods situated in Philadelphia and its collar communities.


Vaccination rates in our Black and Brown neighborhoods continued to lag as a result of many factors. This campaign sought to use the power of faith traditions to strengthen the health of the communities it served. The AFVC had an ambitious mission with an ambitious timeline. With a goal to get as many members of their respective communities vaccinated between the Memorial Day holiday and Juneteenth 2021, their nearly 50 partners needed to look unified.



I was tasked with developing the campaign's branding, including the logo, color palette and typography along with a landing page and key marketing collateral.

Artboard 21.png


The logo is simple, utilizing holding hands rather than medical iconography such as a needle or a red cross. Orange, being the primary color, often represents joy, determination, encouragement and enthusiasm; a key goal of the AFVC.

Artboard 22.png


My main priority for social media was monitoring mentions through analytic tools, though some social media posts were created, both in English and Spanish to accommodate for different audiences.

Artboard 23.png


The website was meant to be a catch-all for information regarding vaccination locations and educational videos. It's a 1-page layout and mobile-optimized, utilizing big font and easily digestible paragraphs of educational information, designed for the AFVC's target audience of older generations.



For usage in press conference backdrops, videos, virtual backgrounds and other marketing collateral, a wide-range of designs were implemented and readily available for partnered organizations to use at their disposal. Having these elements made it easy for partners to easily distinguish themselves as a part of the AFVC.


429,300 organic social media impressions

3,491 unique website visits and 8,138 total website visits

115 vaccination clinics around Philadelphia displayed partnership

* These numbers represent the campaign's initial implementation period of May 25 - June 20,2021

"Will Careri was a vitally important resource to the All Faiths Vaccination Campaign who designed and facilitated its branding and active presence across essential media. He offered original complementary guidance on marketing and media and worked diligently to establish, service, and maintain AFVC’s suite of print and electronic collateral. Further Mr. Careri is personable and communicates effectively even when under pressure."

— Dr. Malcolm Byrd, Co-Chair of the All Faiths Vaccination Campaign