Enjoying Fast Food


FRED (Food Ready, Endless Destinations) was an app built with one simple idea behind it - allow cities to have a centralized database of all the food trucks in the area. Users could visit the app, create profiles and either find food their interested in or make a list of trucks they want to visit in the future.

Friends could then recommend trucks to others through the app. The app would have the menus of the food trucks as well as their hours of operation and if they did travel, lists any additional locations.



I was tasked with consulting on a wide-range of operations, primarily research and UX design. I was to ensure the process of building their UX plan went smoothly and also offer guidance on marketing endeavors. My most visible contribution, however, was designing the logo and branding.

Artboard 29.png


The logo is icon-based, resembling the three focuses of FRED - food, which is shown in the hamburger bun; messaging, shown in the speech bubble; and location-based functionality, shown in the overall pin shape.

Standby Food Truck
Enjoying Pizza


This was a ground-up UX process involving initial research, analysis, brainstorming, prototyping and testing. Since the goal of FRED was not to make fans of non-food truck eaters, rather better enhance the experience of already food truck regulars, the majority of our UX was spent in the research phase, interviewing food truck festival visitors and understanding their needs while simultaneously solving problems they didn't know they had.

Due to the small size of the company, all departments worked together in many different areas. As a result, the product became a labor of love. During our month-long testing phase, we gathered information on users such as a) how often they used the app b) which features they used most often c) which they used the least often and d) suggestions for further development.

By the completion of my time with FRED, the app was up and running with strong signs of success.

— Lilah Tufts, Founder of the FRED App

"William provided invaluable guidance and support to the FRED team during his time with us. His expertise expanded well beyond what he was initially contracted for and it was a pleasure to see him work in all aspects of the creative process. I highly recommend him to anyone in search of a world class, all-in-one communications expert in the highest possible terms.