Micro Marching League (MML) was the first of its kind. An in-browser game designed for lovers of the marching arts to design their own shows. Created in 2007, MML has seen numerous generations of students become active members of the site while the original group has come and gone.

In an attempt to reach a new generation of players for MML, the founder knew social media had to play a part, but wasn't sure how.

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I was tasked with developing social media campaigns and increase engagement in order to attract new members while retaining the old. The challenge; all reach had to be organic.

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Since MML is a graphics-focused game, Instagram because the first priority to reach new members.

Facebook was primarily used to retain older members with Twitter being used for cross-platform content sharing and the primary outlet to communicate with similar accounts and followers.

The most successful campaign was the "MadeOnMML" campaign, where the full capabilities of the game were showed and inspiring non-members to join and design their own shows. It instilled a sense of creative wonder and FOMO.

The secondary audience was educators, particularly middle and high school band teachers. By making them more aware, they often shared the website with their students, even going so far as incorporating MML into their lesson plans to help students visualize marching movement from an off-the-field perspective.


1M+ organic social media impressions in the first six months

Social media followers increased between 100-1600%

All-time-high daily active users on the website

Educators began incorporating MML into lesson plans

— Joe Lesko, Founder of Micro Marching League

"I'm really thankful to have Will running social media for Before he took over, our fan pages had very little activity. Thanks to his dedication and creativity, we now have over 10,000 'likes' on Facebook and continue to grow. He's always coming up with new ideas, videos and contents to keep the fans engaged."