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Nonprofit.Courses (NpC) is a website with a lot to love! On it, you’ll find more than 3,700 videos, podcasts and documents on all-things nonprofit from more than 100 Content Experts. Of the 3,700, you’ll see 3,500 are free, and all the free content is open access – no membership required. Content ranges from videos of less than 5 minutes to full graduate classes and A LOT in between. There’s also a regular feed of live events, so you can join a webinar on a nonprofit topic nearly every day!

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I have been working with NpC since January 2019, tasked with social media content creation and managing email marketing. I have also completed miscellaneous copywriting, event promotion and illustration projects.

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NpC focused efforts to their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, posting Monday through Friday with the exception of holidays. The social media calendar is a 80/20 split between the promotion of free and paid courses on the website with additional posts for in-house hosted event promotion.

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Two emails are sent out weekly; the first being a list of upcoming events and the second being a content-focused article which promotes several courses with the same general theme. The second email is occasionally supplemented with an in-house event promotion email.


2400% increase in social media engagement

70% increase in website daily active users

20% increase in email open rate

"Will walked into a 'cold start' situation. We had no systematic social media program, and the website was only a few months old. Since the start of his work we've seen solid increases in engagement on all platforms and overall use of the site. Just as important, I'm impressed with Will's timely and thoughtful communications. He does an excellent job keeping up with our work, even as he travels and/or attends to his other work."

— Matt Hugg, Founder of Nonprofit.Courses