• William Careri

My 2019 in Photos

Instead of writing a long blog post about my year, I thought it would be a more fun idea to just include some of the photos I took this year to highlight a few of my favorite moments.

January 18 - My first week working in the Klein College of Media and Communication Career Center. This photo came after I didn't tell anyone in the office it was my birthday but they found out anyway.

March 23 - Temple PRSSA hosted the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, in conjunction with its 50th Anniversary. I had the privilege of being the photographer for the event.

April 19 - I spoke at TEDxTempleU where I gave my talk "The Importance of Sharing Your Story."

May 1 - I began writing a fiction novel entitled "Revery."

June - I spent most of my summer interning in Portland, Oregon. I worked under the world-renowned

public speaking/TED talk coach Cathey Armillas as her branding intern. Not only that, but I was able to meet my mentor Mark Mohammadpour in-person for the first time along with other public relations professionals in Portland.

July - Aside from interning, I also had plenty of time to explore Oregon, being my first real experience to the West Coast.

July 28 - My project recreating Temple University's campus in Minecraft began to get some media attention.

October 6 - Aside from giving a TEDx talk on mental health, I also spent more time supporting mental health in other ways. This includes attending the Out of the Darkness Walk - Philly, hosted by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I was able to raise nearly $300 for the cause, which will go to help provide resources and support for those affected by suicide.

October 18-22 - I attended the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) International Conference in San Diego, California along with a few of my PRowl e-board members. Aside from attending, I was also selected as the 2019 Axia Public Relations Scholarship, a definite highlight of the week.

October 31 - I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Chasing the Sun Podcast, having the opportunity to speak on mentorship, career development, mental health as well as my own life plans for after graduation.

November 8 - I got to meet my favorite author Mark Z. Danielewski, the visionary behind books like House of Leaves, Only Revolutions and The Familiar.

November 13 - I spoke on a panel for the Small Business Development Center Roundtable, discussing the importance of marketing and public relations within small businesses.

December 10 - At the PRSSA 50th Gala, I took this photo with the three Account Executives I worked with this past semester as part of PRowl Public Relations. They were phenomenal to work with and it was a semester to remember thanks to them.

December 11 - As a way to end the semester off right, the Klein College Career Center Staff had a night out, playing ping pong and seeing the Philly Pops.


With 2019 in the books, and 2020 holding major life changes ahead, I can only hope I remember to take more pictures along the journey.