• William Careri

A Pixelated Day

For quite some time, I have been fascinated with how people keep track of their year. I've seen people try the "365 Photo Challenge", where you take a photo every day and have a collection by the end of the year. You also have the "1 Second A Day" videos where people record a single second from each of their days to create a 6 minute video to watch after the new year begins.

I wanted to take part in a challenge like this, mainly because I enjoy keeping a record of what I do and how I feel. As someone that struggles with mental health, I was curious to see how much of my year is impacted by it. I downloaded the app "Year in Pixels" on December 31st to try and give this a go.

"Year in Pixels" is an app that sends you an alert at the end of each day so you can track what you did and how you felt. Each day is then represented by a color (correlating with what your mood was that day), and tracked on a grid. You also have the option to write down a few sentences summing up your day.

While only being a week into 2019, I can tell you that this process of tracking my day has had an unexpected result. I have caught myself trying to have better days. In the back of my head, knowing that I will have to be honest with myself at the end of the day, I try to work harder and find reasons to be happy.

So far, I have had one 'amazing' day, five 'good' days, and one 'okay' day. 2019 is off to a pretty good start and I look forward to exploring this idea further!