• William Careri

10 Ted Talks to Get You Through Quarantine

1. Breaking the Language Barrier | Tim Doner

2. What People Say When They Don't Know What to Say | Adrianne Haslet-Davis

3. Leading With Lollipops | Drew Dudley

4. My Story | Elizabeth Smart

5. What If You Could Trade a Paperclip for a House? | Kyle MacDonald

6. I Was An MS-13 Gang Member: Here's How I Got Out | Gerardo Lopez

7. The Hilarious Art of Book Design | Chip Kidd

8. Why We Should Build Wooden Skyscrapers | Michael Green

9. Painting A Song | Melissa McCracken

10. Permission to Be Flawed | Nicole Owuor

BONUS: The Importance of Sharing Your Story | William Careri (Yes, I'm mentioning my own)