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About Revery

Revery is a split novel where the reader can choose to read from either the perspective of Liam Penrose, Elise Westfall, or choose to read both for a more complete story. 

Liam, a recent college graduate beginning his career, finds himself in a series of unfortunate circumstances, forcing him to take over his grandfather's music store. His mental health is getting the best of him and doesn't know how to grasp everything he's feeling during a time his world seems to be bursting at the seams. 

Elise, an aspiring novelist and avid book reader discovers a new love in music, an interest that leads her to Liam during an inopportune time in his life. She then has to decide if she wants to help him through this, unsure of where his mental health will take him, or to leave him to find his own path to recovery. 

A tale that allows the reader to see mental health from the perspective of both the one suffering, and the one standing on the sidelines, watching it all unfold.

(Note: Book is a work in progress, updates will be posted)

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