Making the Brand Modern

Waylan Consulting Group | August 2019

Project Overview

Before I was the COO at Waylan Consulting Group, I was given the task of redesigning the company's website.

They wanted a new look that was modern and consistent with other B2B SaaS marketing companies. Over the course of August 2019, I designed a completely new and interactive website for the client.

Key Site Requirement

The site was primarily a single-page setup with the exception of the client's demo, which was hidden behind a sign-up wall. 

While the site was designed using WIX, custom code had to be written to track sign-ups and develop a restriction wall protecting the client's proprietary information.


Aside from positive feedback from the client, an decreased bounce rate and increase in demo sign-ups came as a result on the new site design.

This was credited to a simpler design and easier navigation to key elements on the site.

The site include 3 pages, all consistent with the clients branding to clearly and accurately depict their mission. Three client testimonials were also collected to highlight on the front page, an element the original site did not include. 

On mobile view, the site's "scroll toll" was limited from 13 to 5 scrolls to travel from top of page to bottom. To increase convenience, the "Free Training" button, an integral element the client wanted visitors to click, was placed at the top and bottom of the site to increase the potential of button clicks.

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